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Leadership Essentials

This pathway has 12 videos dedicated to help you improve your leadership skills.
Being a New Leader

This 10-minute video covers some core leadership basics and is a good refresher for all leaders. You will learn about leadership styles and some useful leadership tips. It also includes some tips on how you can ease into a new leadership role and how to deal with former peers.

Influencing Skills

In this 10 minute video, we explain how to improve you influencing skills. You will learn the six laws of influence, seven traits of influential people as well as the difference between persuading, manipulation and negotiating. There is a workbook for this video.

Coaching for Change (part one)

This 10 minute video module explains the first 5 of 10 principles for coaching for change. A workbook accompanies this module. The second 5 principles can be found in Part 2

Coaching for Change (part two)

This 10 minute video follows on from part one and discusses an additional 5 key principles of coaching and feedback. A separate workbook is available for this video.

Giving Instructions

This video explains how to give effective instructions in the workplace

Being Assertive

In this 10 minute video we explain what assertiveness is and how you can be more assertive.

Handling Conflict

In this video, we explain in detail about handling conflict. We cover off ways to tackle conflict, types of conflict and how you can use conflict effectively in the workplace.

Difficult Conversations

This video helps you understand how to hold an effective difficult or courageous conversation. It also provides tools for giving and receiving effective feedback.

Time Management

This video deals with various aspects of time management including organising tasks, email management and ways to reduce time wastage and interruptions.

Giving and Receiving Feedback

(private link) This 10 minute video describes how to give and receive feedback. It covers encouraging and developmental feedback as well as descriptive and evaluative feedback and tips for receiving feedback.

Emotional Intelligence

This 10 minute video explains the steps in negotiation and some tips on how to effectively negotiate. You will learn about the stages of negotiation, a beneficial outcome and useful tactics in a negotiation.

Dealing with Change

This 10 minute video deals with change and how to deal with it in the workplace. You will learn ways to embrace change and help others with change.

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