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Receptionist Skills

This pathway has 8 videos to help improve your receptionist skills.

This 10 minute video details how you can use your attitude to the best possible advantage. Having a positive attitude is in your control and impacts positively on all those around you. You will learn about ways to improve attitude, dealing with change and motivation factors.

Customer Service Excellence

In this 10 minute video version, we explain the importance of delivering excellent customer service. There are a number of things every person in the organisation can do to provide great service. It is not just the responsibility of the customer service team or receptionist. every one in the business should be looking to provide great service to all customers - external and internal.

Communication Skills

This 10 minute video explains about communication, tone, modulation and body language.

Answering the Telephone

This 10 minute video shows some techniques on answering the telephone. It includes the phone greeting and asking permission to ask questions.

Showing Empathy

Showing empathy is a key skill to develop in a customer service, sales or leadership role. This video details ways to show empathy and how to more clearly understand it. Use the workbook to help complete the questions and empathy plan.

Telephone Call Control

In this video, we explain what the benefits and best techniques are for demonstrating great telephone call control. This will help in reducing call times and unwanted additional calls. The benefits are both for you and the customer.

Positive First Impressions

This 10 minute video explains in detail how you can create a positive first impression of your business to customers. You will learn some key techniques that will be easy to apply in phone and face to face situations.

Handling Difficult Customers

Difficult Customer Techniques - This 10 minute video outlines ways you can deal with difficult customers and how you can calm them down. You should download the workbook that accompanies this video so you can complete the questions and the plan. The Glad>Sure>Sorry technique as shown in part in this video is the intellectual property of Mary Gober International. Used with permission.

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