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Working from Home 

This pathway has 7 videos to help you work from home effectively.
Pandemic Awareness

This 10 minute video explains what a pandemic is, a brief history of pandemics and five specific things you can do to help yourself and others. Since early 2020, the world has dealt with a coronavirus outbreak. This video can give some comfort and advice to employees and individuals to help calm and take action.

Working From Home

This 10 minute video explains five areas you can work on to help have a successful working from home (WFH) experience. This video is suitable for both employees and employers for tips and ideas.


This 10 minute video details how you can use your attitude to the best possible advantage. Having a positive attitude is in your control and impacts positively on all those around you. You will learn about ways to improve attitude, dealing with change and motivation factors.

Managing Stress

This 10 minute video covers various aspects of managing stress including the body's stress response, good and bad stressors, ways to manage stress and the flight or fight response.

Being Productive

This 10 minute video explains ways to be more productive including how to get started on a task, avoiding distractions and some time management concepts.

Time Management

This video deals with various aspects of time management including organising tasks, email management and ways to reduce time wastage and interruptions.

Leading Remote Teams

This 10 minute video module describes six areas you can do to lead remote or virtual teams effectively.

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