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Stress & Resilience Pathway

This pathway has 7 videos designed to help build your resilience and stress coping skills.
Managing Stress

This 10 minute video covers various aspects of managing stress including the body's stress response, good and bad stressors, ways to manage stress and the flight or fight response.


Understanding resilience and knowing how to become more resilient can really help you and your teams to excel at work and bounce back from difficult experiences. The video module looks at what resilience is and shares some key ways to develop resilience skills.

Health & Wellness

In this 10 minute video module, you will learn some key skills on helping develop a better work / life balance and ways to improve your health and wellness at work.

Being Assertive

In this 10 minute video we explain what assertiveness is and how you can be more assertive.


This 10 minute video on mindfulness explains what mindfulness is, meditation techniques and the benefits and tips for mindfulness at work.

Developing Mental Endurance

This video explains ways to build mental stamina and tip for developing mental endurance. Athletes are great examples of using mental endurance to reach their goals and at times we need more than to just be resilient, we need to be actively building mental strength to take us to the next level.

Emotional Clients & Colleagues

(private link) In this 10 minute video, we explain about emotional trauma and what can cause it and some of the best ways to deal with someone who has it. You will learn the background for some of the reasons people become emotional, steps to assist them and things you can say. There is a workbook for this video.

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