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Sales Skills 

This pathway has 8 video modules to help hone your sales skills.
Know Your Business

This 10 minute video will help you understand the importance of being aware of your business, its mission, vision and values, as well as keeping information current and that there may be things you can and cannot say to customers.

Introduction to Selling

This 10 minute video explains the basics of selling including the concepts of uncovering customer needs, handling objections, features and benefits and closing the sale. The workbook for this video can be found on the welcome page of the module with same name.

Managing Customer Needs

In this 10 minute video module, we explain the importance of managing the needs of your customers and ways in which you can do that. It starts with good listening and understanding your customer so you can lead them to the best outcome.

Outbound Calling

This video covers the topic of outbound calling including cold calling, preparing for calls, call objectives and preparation.

Consultative Selling

This video will help you understand what consultative selling is, how best to uncover customer needs and how to add value.

Closing the Sale

This video covers ways to improve your confidence in closing a sale. There are several types of sales closes and we discuss some of them here with examples. Learn some key techniques in being able to ask for the business and successfully close a sale. There is a workbook for this video.

Influencing Skills

In this 10 minute video, we explain how to improve you influencing skills. You will learn the six laws of influence, seven traits of influential people as well as the difference between persuading, manipulation and negotiating. There is a workbook for this video.

Negotiation Skills

This 10 minute video explains the steps in negotiation and some tips on how to effectively negotiate. You will learn about the stages of negotiation, a beneficial outcome and useful tactics in a negotiation.

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